Support the Sugar Museum

The Sugar Museum has contributed to its own support through a combination of resources including admission fees, gift shop sales, grants, and donations. Its work of preserving and presenting Maui’s sugar plantation heritage is best accomplished in partnership with the community. Your contribution to this effort is important and we welcome your participation! The Sugar Museum is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Our tax i.d. number is 99-0200210. Donate now!

To order the Plantation Kau Kau recipe book for $12 ($10 + $2 shipping), click on the “Donate Now” button below. Be sure to include your mailing address in the “Add A Note” section of PayPal.  Don’t want to order online? Email Include your phone number and we will call you to place a secure phone order. Mahalo for your support!



20 Reasons to Give to the Sugar Museum

  1. You feel our sugar plantation heritage is important.
  2. You hope our plantation heritage will be preserved and perpetuated.
  3. You remember the old plantation days.
  4. You hope that younger generations learn about the old plantation days.
  5. You support educational programs.
  6. You lived in a plantation camp.
  7. You promised someone you would never forget their sacrifices.
  8. You recognize the value of preserving memories.
  9. You belong to a group with an immigrant heritage.
  10. You support cultural programs.
  11. You appreciate plantation days values.
  12. You believe in the Sugar Museum’s mission.
  13. You think the Sugar Museum is good for the community.
  14. You want the Sugar Museum to continue in the future.
  15. You like what you see in the Museum’s collection.
  16. You know that the Sugar Museum is a non-profit organization.
  17. You get a tax deduction.
  18. You have a connection to the Sugar Museum.
  19. You want to be a part of saving our plantation heritage.
  20. You are ready to join others in helping to perpetuate our sugar heritage.