Plantation Camp Registry

The Plantation Camp Registry

The Sugar Museum’s Plantation Camp Registry is a listing that contains the names of people who lived and worked in the sugar plantation camps on Maui. A number of years ago, the Sugar Museum put maps of the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. (HC&S) and Maui Agricultural Co. (MACo) plantation camps into its gallery along with a registry form for former camp residents or their families to fill out. This was the start of the Plantation Camp Registry.

People whose family lived in a camp can fill out the form with information such as camp name, the house number, how long they lived in the house, the names of family members, nearby neighbors and other information. The Registry includes plantation camps in Puunene, Sprecklesville, Paia, Hamakua Poko and Kihei. Wailuku and Lahaina were added to the form in 2008.

The total number of people who lived in the camps over the years is unknown. However, The Hawaii Sugar Manual (A.B. Gilmore 1939) provides the following figures: The HC&S plantation census of 1939 reported a grand total population of 7,973, and the MACo Plantation (Paia) reported a population of about 6,500. HC&S reported occupancy of 1,545 houses and MACo had approximately 1,500 houses.

The completed forms are added into the Plantation Camp Registry database, available to anyone who is interested in this information. It serves as an important historical record and as a resource for historians, scholars, writers, researchers, students, and all who want a look into the past. Another important function of the Registry is to help camp “alumni” families find each other again.

The Plantation Camp Registry is an ongoing project and we hope to have it available on this website at a later date. To view the Plantation Camp Registry, or to view or purchase Plantation Camp Maps, please make an appointment by calling 808-871-8058.

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